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Our mission is to revolutionize the medical tourism industry in India by providing world-class facilities to foreign patients seeking treatment in the country. To achieve this, we have partnered with industry leaders that enable us to provide lower costs along with more well-planned travel facilities and accommodation. We seek to provide the best possible solutions to all medical travel related queries.


Our vision is to become the one-stop destination for all foreign patients looking to seek treatment in India, which in recent times, has become an important hub in Asia for medical tourism. Through our extensive network of hospitals, doctors and assistants,along with the several facilities we promise, we aim to change the way patients feel about the hassle and stress of travelling for treatment.


At the core of our venture is providing the best quality facilities to all our patients and ensuring that their needs are placed before all else. With a number of extremely experienced doctors and physicians on board, we essentially understand the needs and challenges of the patient. We value the importance of providing efficient and low-cost solutions available to all.


We are one of India’s premier medical travel companies providing world-class healthcare and hospitality to foreign patients seeking to undergo treatment in the country. At the core of our venture is the aim of alleviating the stress that is eponymous to medical tourism. Over the last couple of decades, India has emerged as one of the top cities in the Asian belt that is rich in affordable healthcare solutions. Some of the most widely prevalent procedures amongst medical tourists include cancer treatment, cardiac surgery, cosmetic surgery, in vitro fertilization (IVF), joint replacement, liver transplant as well as kidney transplant, dental treatment and bariatric surgery. At the crux of Cure2Heal is a number of very experienced doctors and healthcare physicians who understand the grievances of suffering patients. With an overall industry expertise spanning more than 100 combined years, the team works tirelessly to ensure that the patient is always the top priority.From initial virtual consultations to seeking valuable second opinion regarding diagnosis, line of treatment, travel planning and hotel stay – Cure2Heal is there for the patients, every step of their journey.

Why should you let us plan your medical treatment?

We understand the stress that is associated with seeking travel arrangements for undergoing serious treatments. From booking travel to accommodation, there are a number of additional factors one has to tend to. The main focus of the treatment is lost amidst the chaos. With Cure2Heal handling your medical travel, all you need to worry about it reaching the destination of your treatment.

Our company has a dedicated team of professionals, working round-the-clock to create a detailed plan about your travel. This includes choosing from an extensive network of esteemed hospitals and doctors who provide the highest degree of medical care in every major city, finding quality yet affordable accommodation, coordinating your medical visa to seeking timely approvals. We’ve partnered with franchises like Apollo Hospitals, Fortis Healthcare, Medanta The Medicity amongst others. At Cure2Heal, we curate affordable treatment packages that drastically reduce overall costs.

Additionally, we also provide services to expats living in our destination countries seeking a second opinion in treatment. Our services are open to insurance companies as well who are looking to provide such services to their patrons. We even look into documentation and any third-party administrators.

What are some of our features?

While Cure2Heal is meant to be a wholesome medical treatment and tourism portal, there are a number of additional features that we provide. This includes:

● Ensuring lower treatment costs
● A wide variety of available quality doctors, surgeons and paramedical staff to choose from
● Providing value-for-money accommodation
● Chain of internationally accredited hospitals
● Guidance from the first day of treatment until complete recovery
● Providing other leisure destination options

Who are on the team?

Our Board of advisors is comprised of 3 extremely renowned and experienced doctors. They are:

1. Dr. Dinesh Jindal- With over 35 years in the business, Dr Jindal is one of the leading surgeons working with Apollo Spectra Hospitals. His experience includes MNAMS, MBBS, MS (General) and M.Ch
2. Dr. Bhagwan Swaroop Gupta- A general physician by practice with over 43 years of experience, Dr. Gupta has nearly 50 national as well as international journals and publications under his name. He is currently working as the Director and HOD of Internal Medicine, Fortis Escorts Hospital, Jaipur.
3. Dr. Sandeep Arora- Dr. Arora is a talented and young ENT surgeon whose completed 10 years in the field. He is especially interested in endoscopic sinus, ear and thyroid surgeries. His medical education includes MBBS, MSENT, PGIMER, DNB ENT and MNAMS.

Our business team includes:

1. Rachit Agrawal- A serial entrepreneur with 15 years of experience. His previous ventures have been in the field of management consulting, healthcare and internet businesses.
2. Sumit Kumar Gupta-Sumit is a tech evangelist who has been successfully running a technology services company for the past dozen years.
3. Santiago Levy- With over 40 years of experience building procurement and consulting businesses, Santiago is based out of Miami, Florida. He is directly handling the U.S. wing of the company.


Cure2Heal provides the following professional services:

1. Hospital and doctor recommendation-

Our doctors and hospitals are rated using an exhaustive list of criteria that range from readmissions rate to surgery complication rate. This ensures that only the most trusted professionals can become a part of the network. As a consequence, patients are rendered with the option of availing opinion from verified healthcare professionals, all under one roof. Our dynamic data points, insider network and vast experience in handling past satisfied clients ensures that you always get the best recommendation.

2. 24 x 7 Medical Concierge Services

As each patient in unique, we try to ensure that they are tended to in customized ways. With the help of round-the-clock customer support services, we are able to provide you with our facilities even at home. Our aim to establish a two-way communication with the patient, provide regular clinical updates and 24x7 chat support. We also conduct in-depth meetings twice bi-weekly for each client to effectively communicate with partners, doctors, patients and families.

3. Doctor Chat and Conference

Distance can no longer be used as an excuse for businesses today. At Cure2Heal, we ensure that your request for second opinions or online consultations are resolved within 12 hours of raising it. To curb the possible language barriers, there are certified medical interpreters who aid in the process. Second Opinion and a live patient-doctor conference ensures that all patient queries about the proposed treatment plan are addressed. This also gives the specialist an opportunity to assess the patient’s condition.

a) Pre-Arrival Services

We, at Cure2Heal, understand the pressures of planning a treatment trip. To provide a helping hand to you in that process, we offer the following pre-arrival services:

● Proposed cost approximation for the treatment
● Doctor-patient conference
● Providing hotel accommodation
● Acquiring Medical visas
● Planning treatment packages
● Setting up medical appointments

b) Upon Arrival Services

This process starts from assisting on the medical visa process to ensuring that your family is comfortable throughout. A number of our arrival services include:

● 24x7 medical concierge service
● Providing airport pickup
● Making dietary arrangements
● Providing hospitalization assistance
● Working in tandem with a language translator
● Providing WIFI dongle

c) Post-Procedure Services

At Cure2Heal, we are there every step of the way until the patient doesn’t fully recover. We provide a number of key post-procedure services which include:

● Providing daily updates to family members about condition and well-being
● Doctor chats and follow-up care
● Ensuring medical deliveries
● Rejuvenating trip extension

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