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Coronary artery bypass grafting

Has the phrase "coronary artery bypass grafting" already intimidated you? Here's some solace: It is really good for your heart, especially if you have multiple clogged arteries.

If it still seems a little imposing, let's call it CABG for short. Even better, let's call it what most people do: bypass surgery.

Now, yes, it is a major surgery. And yes, it takes time. However, it is highly preferable over angioplasty in case multiple arteries — vessels that carry blood to the heart tissue itself — have become narrow and are seeing reduced blood passage.

Still concerned? Then it is time you learned about minimally invasive direct coronary artery bypass or MIDCAB. While a full CABG will involve removal of your sternum, the minimally invasive procedure will require only a small cur on the left side of your chest.

Of recent, even robots have entered this field of surgery, thereby lending it a degree of precision that only some very sensitive machines and devices can achieve.

Symptoms stemming from the surgery, including chest pain, itching and swelling, generally go away in four to six weeks.

As for the success rate, bypass surgeries have been successful in 99.6 percent of patients in some of the top hospitals in India.

Of course, life after a bypass surgery is a little restricted, what with the constant monitoring and lifestyle changes you will have to make?

Even these will become less and less necessary over time, as you make your way back to a healthy and fulfilling life, thanks to CABG.

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