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Kidney transplant

India currently has one of the largest kidney transplant programs in the world, competing with world leaders such as the United States (US). However, there are several aspects in which the Indian program is leaps and bounds ahead of that of the US.

For starters, India has one of the lowest costs of transplantation. And that includes the medicine as well as surgical costs.

If that has not convinced you yet, look at how much better a life you will lead with a new kidney. Yes, you need just one kidney to survive. In fact, you can lead a pretty normal life with that one kidney!

So how does having that kidney transplant help? For one, your quality of life sees a huge improvement because you don’t have to rely solely on dialysis to clean your blood.

Then there’s the part about how you will not be subjected to a lot of restrictions on your diet like you would have been had you chosen not to get a transplant and continue dialysis and medicines alone.

And finally, there is the obvious cost of treatment, which is hinged on just the surgery and other procedures around it. This one-time cost could definitely be preferable to the regular dialysis you would have to undergo.

As for the risks, kidney transplant in its current state is one of the safest surgical procedures in India. In fact, if the kidney comes from a live donor, the chances of a successful transplant are 90-95 percent!

Of course, organ donation in India is governed by the Transplantation of Human Organ (THO)Act of 1994. We operate within its ambit, and so should you. Once everything goes well, you get to walk out with a functioning kidney and can go back to your normal life!

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