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Knee replacement

Is getting around becoming a literal grind for your knees? Arthritis has you down? It is time for a knee replacement surgery. And before you worry, here are some details that will put you at ease.

For one, successful knee replacement surgeries have been known to help people live a normal and active life for years, if not actual decades. This means no more years of therapy and medicine.

Second, the recovery time from knee replacement surgeries may be a few weeks long, depending on your health, but that payoff in the form of years of active life is worth it.

And what’s more, nowadays knee replacement surgeries are minimally invasive! That means the entire region need not be cut open. Instead, an incision the size of a keyhole is made in the correct spot, and hardly leaves a mark. It’s called — you guessed it right! — a keyhole procedure.

As for recovery, you may be discharged within a day of the surgery, and can right then start walking. Albeit with the help of a walker. Even that will go away in a few weeks, depending on how well of a recovery you make.

Now, arthritis does have a lot of treatment avenues that do not involve surgery. But as we have mentioned before they do involve protracted periods of medicine consumption and physical therapy.

Weigh that against the option of resting for a couple of weeks and then returning to an active lifestyle soon after, and the choice should be amply clear!

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