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Patient Stories

Speciality: Cardiology
Hospital: BLK Super Speciality Hospital, Delhi
Doctor: Dr Ajay Kaul

Iraliev, a 2-year-old baby boy from Uzbekistan was born with a hole in his heart, an atrial septal defect. The baby grew with several symptoms of conditions like heavy breathing, blue baby syndrome, etc., which started increasing and became severe a few months after he turned one-year-old.
His parents got scared because of his condition. Despite knowing the risks involved in the surgery, they were getting desperate to improve their child’s condition and health. So, they started to consult various doctors in Uzbekistan, and most of them suggested a pacemaker insertion. However, after consulting with other doctors, this treatment plan didn’t sound suitable to the parents because of the younger age of the child. As it could be very risky for him.
The procedure of pediatric pacemaker implantation and adult implantation is quite similar. But, pacemaker implantation in young patients involves several risks and issues regarding their size, development, growth, and the possible presence of any other congenital heart disease, which in Iraliev’s case was the existence of a muscle mass.
Then, after consulting doctors and searching on the internet, Iraliev’s parents got in touch with Cure2heal’s team in Uzbekistan. The team helped them explore different treatment options and hospitals in India. Cure2heal’s team at    Uzbekistan shared the reports of Iraliey with Cure2heal’s team in India. Then, they contacted the baby’s parents and helped them in every aspect of arranging their visa, plane tickets, hotel booking in the country to arranging their appointment with the doctor. 
The case was studied and handled by Dr. Ajay Kaul, the Chairman and HOD of the Cardio-Thoracic and Vascular Surgery Department at BLK Super Specialty Hospital.
“It was a very complicated case. The baby was only two years old, which makes the surgery very critical. Iraliev not only had a 9mm hole in his heart but he also had a muscle mass directly under the hole, which could have become a major problem in the future. So, we also decided to remove it. We couldn’t risk the mass to interrupt with his blood flow or heart rhythm. The baby was kept in the cardiac intensive care unit for three days, where his blood flow and heart rhythm were closely monitored, and we are happy to tell that the baby is having a healthy recovery” said Dr. Ajay Kaul.
Within a few days after the surgery, the baby started playing and crawling around the hospital room. Iraliev’s mother and father both couldn’t stop showing their gratitude to Cure2heal for referring them to Dr. Ajay Kaul. Before leaving the hospital and returning to their country Iraliey’s mother said, “I am grateful that destiny made us meet Cure2heal. Today, my baby is healthy because of them. I didn’t want Iraliev to get pacemaker implantation. I had read so many articles about the risks involved in pacemaker insertion in young children. Thankfully, the doctors at BLK Hospital were able to save my child without the pacemaker implantation. I am very excited for my baby to go home and live a normal and healthy life”.

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