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Jahanara Khatun
Patient Country: Bangladesh
Treatment: Breast cancer survivor

"I was distraught when our family physician first told me and my husband late last year that I could have breast cancer. That turned to near-despair when the test results came back.
As we looked around on the internet, we stumbled across Cure2Heal. After a little online chat with the people running the platform, we decided to give it a try. We went to India in February, just a couple of days after my birthday. We discussed consultations with the medical concierge, who set us up with Dr. Surender Kumar Dabas from BLK Super Speciality hospital, Delhi.

A fresh set of tests were given. They showed at what stage the cancer was. However, the doctor assured me that not only was it curable but also that I would be able to return to normal life after that.

Six months later, I am sitting at home wearing a wig as my hair grows back after chemotherapy, which wiped away most of my cancer, and the surgery after that did the rest. I am thankful to Care2Heal for all the help and support I got. It really helped me and my family get through this tough time. "

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